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Adobe Photoshop Student Work

8 Jun

9-72 Highways - Group 7 201-e1462806748236 23-300 HairGroup4-A2 HairGroup2-A2 HannahGoodingImageGroupFULL Fashion Design 2-2 Fashion Design-mirror1 Blue Palette Moodboard Green Palatte Moodboard Head Quad-1 Cat1-BrickRepeat Flower-Repeat-Quad-72


Student 3D CAD Work

6 Jun

hanyin-ball-rhino sofia-rhino-chair2 sofia-rhino-chair Rhino1 Rhino3 RendersGroup nick-rhino-sculpture Rendered Screenshot 2015-10-06 11 4_raphael_hatdesign 93274f9b96cfc8a062f7562e8b49b499

Architecture Student Success into Bartlett, UCL

18 Apr

Fantastic news from one of our 24 Week Portfolio Preparation students, who has been accepted to study her BSc Architecture at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL!

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Life Drawing and Painting at London Art Portfolio

23 Feb

DSC06334 DSC06354 DSC06357 DSC06359 DSC06351 DSC06344 DSC06474 DSC06320 DSC06291 DSC06305 DSC06329 DSC06332 DSC06481 DSC06469

Drawing Techniques at LAP

28 Nov

20151126_105358 20151124_103338 20151124_101510 20151124_101558 20151126_105304 20151126_104916 20151126_105229 20151124_101432 20151126_111353

Model Making and Folding Techniques

26 Nov

20151126_095751 20151126_111836 20151124_103104 20151124_102958 20151126_112126 20151126_105931 20151126_111726 20151126_105720

Refuge, Memory, Objects Collage Work

13 Nov

A4-DSC03461 A4-DSC03463 A4-DSC03471 A4-DSC03477