Fashion at Somerset House

10 Feb

T H E U N S E E N E M P O R I U M_BANNERT H E U N S E E N Emporium

Until 5 May 2015
Free admission

T H E U N S E E N, is a material exploration house made of a collective of alchemists, cutters, coders and anatomists presents science fused with design.  Within the Emporium visitors are fully immersed in material science and surrounded by iconic British designed products that have been treated with UNSEEN technology.




Knyttan: Factory of the Future

Until 1 March 2015
Free admission

Have you ever wanted to design your own scarf, jumper or even tie, but can’t knit? Based in Somerset House’s New Wing, Knyttan’s Factory of the Future allows you to create a design and have it made in front of you in minutes! The knitting studio’s industrial machines are controlled by each particular visitor’s creativity and, using the finest-quality Italian Merino wool, make a unique piece of luxury knitwear every time. If you are stuck for ideas, don’t worry – Knyttan have a wide selection of pre-existing models to choose from, including designs by prominent artists, designers and musicians that can be customised to your style. Or if you know someone who would love to design their own, then buy them a gift voucher so they can design it from home, and have the finished garment delivered later.


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