Celine Condorelli: How to Work Together | Chisenhale Gallery

6 Jun


2 May – 22 June 2014

Chisenhale Gallery presents a major new commission by London-based artist Céline Condorelli and her first solo exhibition in London. This new commission forms a part of How to work together, a shared programme of commissioning and research organised by Chisenhale Gallery, The Showroom and Studio Voltaire.

Condorelli’s exhibition develops from her ongoing engagement with friendship as a condition for working together. This new body of work explores how relationships are articulated by the things that surround us in both useful and purposeless ways, through furniture-like objects, devices for inhabitation or display, props and drawing.

Condorelli’s work is concerned with how all human action takes place amidst countless structures of support – whether emotional, legal or physical, for example – mostly taken for granted, and therefore often seeming to be invisible. She has explored this interest in her long-term collaborative project Support Structure (2003-09), with artist-curator Gavin Wade. Friendship, like support, is perceived by Condorelli as an essentially political relationship – one of allegiance and responsibility – offering a framework for interrogating how we live and work, and add things into the world.


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