This Thursday @ White Cube Gallery

3 Dec


White Cube on Bermondsey Street, near London Art Portfolio, is currently showing the exhibitions ‘Through Darkest America by Truck and Tank’ by Mark Bradford and ‘Mirage Collage and the Light Knots’ by Larry Bell. This should not be missed!

Mark Bradford is using materials found in the urban environment, such as billboard sheets, posters and newsprint to create his expansive, multi-layered collaged paintings. Bradford’s masterful manipulation of materials and techniques, contradicts the fact that the paintings are comprised entirely of paper rather than paint. Larry Bell is showing a new series of sculpture, paintings and works on paper that continues his investigations into the transmission of light through different mediums. Bell is often associated as a minimalist and draw from a range of industrial techniques and materials to achieve effects of translucence and shifts in perception in their work.

On Thursday 5th of December White Cube is housing a late night opening with refreshments and an opportunity to see the exhibition. They also offer a one night only discount on books from their shop. RSVP to if you like to attend. 

Open between 6-8pm. Exhibition runs between 16 October 2013 – 12 January 2014


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