Robot SafariEU @ Science Museum

25 Nov

27 Nov 2013











When the robots finally kill us – and make no mistake: kill us they will – just how will they look? Like the winged drones of today? The humanoid Austrian bodybuilders of the silver screen? Or will they be cuter, cuddlier, more pernicious?

Decide for yourself at Robot Safari EU, host to 13 zoomorphic robots from across Europe, many visiting (cough, invading) our shores for the very first time. You’ll meet Amphibot 3, a Swiss machine built to mimic an eel that can outswim most humans; Robo Spyder, straight from the pits of some dystopian sci-fi hellscape (via Lithuania); Bat-Bot, a Spanish robot with wings that morph mid-flight for improved manoeuvrability and Cheetah-cub, again Swiss, the fastest sub-30kg quadruped robot in the world. None are equipped with lasers – for now.

If, like us, you think robo-geddon should be faced with a stiff drink, head to the adults-only Late on Wednesday November 27. Otherwise, book in for a timed slot over the weekend and be absolutely sure to sign up for a robot-making workshop. You’ll learn how to build shell-like armour, programme simple animal behaviours and optimise machines for speed – vital skills each and every one. Because when the attack finally comes, the only way to fight back will be with yet more robots. – Time Out


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