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28 Jul

Thinking with the body: Mind and Movement in the Work of Wayne McGregor


This exhibition, staged during the run-up to the first performances of his new work for Wayne McGregor | Random Dance, ‘Atomos’ at Sadler’s Wells, offers a glimpse at some of the questions the scientists are interested in exploring and how their research informs relationships between McGregor, his dancers and the scientists. It is hoped that these experiments can assist a wider public understanding of the creative process and of how mind, brain and body interact.

Date: 19/09/2013 – 27/10/2013


First Time Out 2013

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If objects could speak, what stories would they tell? Many museums and galleries hold rich and varied collections, though often only a fraction of exhibits can be displayed at any one time while the rest lie dormant in mysterious vaults, waiting to be discovered. First Time Out is an initiative that brings new perspectives to museum objects by placing them in different contexts.

In 2011, five London museums each exchanged carefully selected pieces from their collections that had rarely or never previously been seen by the public and presented them with a range of different interpretations, from the cultural to the scientific.

In 2013, curators from ten museums and galleries across the country have scoured the depths of their collections to reveal a selection of uniquely varied and extraordinary treasures, from the very first light bulb to a model guillotine built from leftover rations by prisoners of war. Each object will be showcased in its original setting before travelling to a partner location to be encountered by different audiences, and surrounded by a completely different set of references.

By shining a spotlight on individual items, First Time Out creates connections between objects, people and locations, whilst exploring the wonders of our national treasure troves.

Date: 06/06/2013 – 31/07/2013

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