Somewhere – Hoxton Monster Supplies

21 Jul

Looking for an interesting shop to grab something that little bit different? Look no further than Hoxton Monster Supplies! The shop sells a range of strange and wonderful products designed to intrigue (and occasionally disgust!) its visitors. Why not take a look at their collection of bottled salts made from cultivated human tears!

Each product comes with an interesting (and mostly made up) story of how it came to be sitting on the shop’s shelf. For example, the tears used to create the salt have been cultivated by special tear harvesters who have collected them from people who have cried in anger, whilst chopping onions, sneezing, laughing and the most solemn of all, tears cried in sorrow. Each type of tear has a particular colour and we’re guessing (we’ve not dared try it yet!) a different taste! Some of the other products you can see up close and personal are a can of night terrors (which can be taken in small doses in the form of sweets), fang floss (especially thick for those hard to reach vampire fangs) and if it takes your fancy, some cubed earwax (fudge to you and me)!

You can find the Hoxton Monster Supplies shop at 159 Hoxton Street, London N1 6PJ which is a short walk from Hoxton overground station (or if you’re traveling by tube, Old Street on the Northern line, just two stops from London Art Portfolio!).


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