Bermondsey Coffee

27 Sep

When you want to go for coffee with a friend or maybe sneak away with a good book and a latte then ‘Bermondsey Coffee’ is the place to go. This young coffee shop is one of three places owned by ‘Street Coffee’ who are very proud about their organic coffee which they source themselves and meet the actual farmers “twice” (as it says on their website), the milk is organic and they occasionally get your order wrong which is made up for with the atmosphere and quirky decor of the shop. Also it has a very artsy feel to it plus the fact that it is placed right opposite the White Cube gallery which definitely adds to the feel, so you art lot will feel right at home.

The interior is very student like and very relaxed so you can just pull up a seat, chair or sofa and just natter away with your friend or sink in comfortably and enjoy the ambience. They serve your usual coffees but also do ‘soups of the day’ (when I went it was goulash) which you can eat in or take away in little drinking containers. This is perfect if you want some lunch on the go! There’s a notice board full of local businesses, classes and what not for you to peruse and maybe even get tempted to try!

Weekdays they are open from 7am – 7pm and on weekends everything shifts a hour later to 8am – 8pm. ENJOY!



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