Burgers… Burgers everywhere!

25 Sep

So what do you do if you get tired of the same old McDonalds or Burgerking? The usual answer is “get healthy” but that’s boring, so why not add a little extra to your fast food? “What little extra?” you ask, that little extra my friends is QUALITY! Here’s a list of some of the more quality/borderline up-market places (don’t let appearances fool you) to get your meaty fix:

1. Lucky Chip has taken up residency in The Player bar in Soho; which is right at home amongst the Americana decor surrounded by an atmosphere created by the low lighting. The menu is reminiscent of fast food joints but is more thorough bred than your average take-away. The price range of this ‘joint’ is usually £12.50 which will get you two of their delicious sliders (small burgers but with more than enough meat) plus chips. The burgers have fun names and there’s even a very swish ‘Pulp Fiction’ reference if you get the ‘Royale with Cheese’. On to of the burgers you can also build your own ice cream sundae for a much-deserved dessert or buy some of their appetisers between drinking beers and sipping on cocktails from the bar.


2. Dirty Burger contrary to the name has some of the best burgers around town! Although it is situated in a corrugated -steel shack adjacent to a car park and is filled with furniture that would have been thrown into the skip ages ago, this is one of the hottest places to get your hands on truly great patties. The menu is short and literally only takes a second to read so there’s no dawdling about what you want to have, you can get from 7/9am-11am you can get their ‘Dirty Breakfast’ which is bacon&egg or sausage&egg in a bun with bottomless tea/coffee for £3.50 or wait till after 11am to taste the main event which will set you back a mere £5.50… The ‘Dirty Burger’. Along with this the sides are also delicious you can choose crinkle cut fries or onion fries or even push the boat out and have both!


3. Meat Liquor is next on our list and this one is definitely up there among the best burgers in London! The restaurant itself has a heavy atmosphere (loud music, bare light bulbs, street art on all the walls) which won’t be to every ones taste however the food will change that. The burgers are made of quality steak and are a great rendition of the traditional American patty (right down to the diner style presentation of kitchen roll and paper clad trays) they’re meaty, sloppy, cheesy and ultimately satisfying! On top of this you can grab side dishes like the Southern Soul food favourite deep-fried pickles or if you don’t fancy that maybe stick to your chicken wings or chili cheese fries. Maybe after all that you’ll have some room for their ever so tempting sweet pies.


4. Byron is our last burger joint and is the most simple. It is airy and very relaxed, which goes hand in hand with it’s relaxed and simple menu. The burgers come in 5 ways: classic, cheese, bacon cheese, chicken and veggie, so there’s something quite simply for everyone. Plus it’s simple choices of sides ranging from fries to macaroni & cheese the experience just leaves you to enjoy you comfort food in piece. You will be totally satisfied.



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