Bjarne Melgaard: A House to Die In

25 Sep

At the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) opening now 25th September till 18th November, is the artist Bjarne Melgaard’s first solo exhibit in the UK which will feature two of his collaborative works.

The first in the Lower Gallery will be a key stage in Melgaard’s ongoing collaboration with Snøhetta (an award-winning archetectual firm) who are working together (since 2011) towards construction of a purpose-built residence where Melgaard will live and work. This level plays host to a 1:1 facade of the buildings exterior along with it shared research, architectural drawings, models, etc of the two parties continuously challenging the conventions of their artistic practice.

On the Upper Gallery present an installation of paintings and sculptures created in partnership with groups of artists who have little or no connection to the art scene and no proper art education, most of whom suffer from schizophrenia, are in recovery or face mental or emotional trauma. The pieces represent the interior spaces of Melgaard’s proposed living space where the artists respond and expand upon his visual catalogue.


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