Top 5 Alternative/Independent Cinemas

24 Sep

Tired of your usual cinemas like Odeon or Vue? Want some more leg room or want to get in from the rain and cold? Into you’re more international or independent/cult films? Well there are a range of cinemas around London that might just appeal to you and here are some of our favourites…

1. The main one would be Curzon Cinemas (especially Curzon Soho) which show a wide variety of film depending on which location you go to. If you’re not entirely impressed with the films on offer or that you had just seen, the architecture of the cinema screens themselves will leave you in awe and it’s old school ticket booths and the tickets themselves. It is comfortable and relaxed so you can enjoy your viewing experience without the non-existent leg room or noisy kids.

2. At number 2 is the Electric Cinema on Portobello road looks like a retro cinema hall which has charm and character which has been lost in the modern film viewing experience. It has a bar and great food to enjoy during the film. It usually shows the best of cult films, hollywood classic and the best of world cinema. However! Due to a fire in June it is under refurbishment but will be hopefully open again looking brand new in late November.

3. The Lexi Cinema is a great little cinema in northwest London which is predominantly manned by volunteers and 100% of their profits goes to charity. The films they show as well range from classics to world cinema (right now they are having an un-official middle eastern cinema week) plus added to this the cinema also hosts various Q&A sessions with filmmakers which fit effortlessly into the usual the schedule of the cinema.

4. If you want a quirky/strange cinema night out then head over to the Prince Charles Cinema which plays host to many weird events such as their past ‘Sing-a-long Wicker Man’ night or the ‘Quote along Big Lebowski’ (with complete with White Russians before hand and a bowling competition). This cinema makes your experience memorable and always has something new up its sleeve.

5. The Phoenix Cinema is one of the oldest purpose-built cinemas in the country and has played host to many guest spots in films such as ‘An Interview with a Vampire’ and ‘Nowhere Boy’ to TV programs such as ‘Black Books’, plus it has played host to numerous glossy magazine photo shoots. The interior is a sight in itself with its huge barrel-vaulted ceiling and art deco styled cafe. If you want a bit of history with your cinematic viewing then this place is worth visiting.


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