The Breakfast Club: 80s nostalgia on a plate

24 Sep

So you wake up in the morning hungry after a nights drinking… There’s only one place to escape to so you can fill that void made of shame and cheap vodka… That place is ‘The Breakfast Club’.

The Breakfast Club has many cafes dotted around London (Hoxton, Spitalfields, Soho and Angel) and offer great tasting food from the morning right the way through to the night. You can have a traditionally satisfying full english breakfast (The Full Monty) to a healthy bowl of muesli or porridge, that means there is something that appeals to anyone so there’s no reason not to go. The price range is a tad pricey so this is a once in a while treat sort of place and perfect for groups of people, plus with a full bar (except at the Soho which sadly isn’t licensed but you’re allowed to bring your own wine/beer with no extra charge) you can easily have your ‘hair of the dog’ to ease your head.

“When you mess with the bull, you get the horns!”


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