11 Sep

PAMI is an annual celebration of artists’ moving image across Peckham, South-East London. Now in its second year, PAMI is an entirely free five-day programme of exhibitions and events through 19-23rd September 2012.

The festival is staged in a range of venues and is not curated by a core body but instead the distinct concerns of the individual curators, organisations and artists involved are foregrounded.

PAMI playfully interrogates and explores ways and means of presenting artists’ moving image with a strong emphasis on independent practice. The works are presented on TV monitors, as projected images, via internet broadcast and on 16mm. They appear as part of white cube exhibitions, immersive installations and timed theatrical screenings. The various venues in which the films are shown include shops, project spaces, artist-run studios, off-site projects, commercial galleries, public institutions and pop-ups.

As well as being a manifestation of the conversation between the expanding group of art enthusiasts living and operating in and around Peckham, PAMI aims to involve wider audiences and to showcase an international selection of artists.



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