Somewhere – Antony Gormley’s Street Furniture

18 Aug

If you take a trip to Bellenden Road, Peckham (SE15) you’ll be able to see (and touch) some cast iron sculptures by the world-famous sculptor Antony Gormley. His street furniture was added to the street in 2002 with the aim to liven up the Bellenden Road. They were such a hit in the area that when a few bollards were stolen the local people funded their replacements!

The bollards, Gormley says, were modelled to be shaped like a snowman, peg, penis and oval. He says of the cast iron materials, “I love cast iron for its strength and earthiness. I hope these simple forms will sit on the street confidently and be the guardians of its two users, the pedestrian and the car.” At a metre tall and 95 kilograms in weight the bollards are definitely doing a good job of guarding the street, we couldn’t think of anything better! Definitely worth a look if you’re in the area.


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