Somewhere – Sweets in London

11 Aug

If you’re a sweet lover then you’ll love our small selection of simply saliva-inducing sweet shops in London! Perhaps some of the delicious displays will even influence your artwork, but don’t let us tempt you, go and see for yourselves!

1. Cybercandy

Cybercandy specialises in international sweets. If you’re looking for Olde english sweets you won’t find them here, but you’ll find plenty of other tasty delights including a fantastic selection of American Root Beer and cereals (such as Lucky Charms and Fruit Loops), Japanese chocolates shaped like Pandas, and salty European liquorice which will blow your head off! Their shops can be found dotted all around London in Camden, Islington, Covent Garden and Shoreditch. You can also see some of their selection on their website and follow them on Twitter at @cybercandyLTD (PS: Cybercandy’s Covent Garden store has a giant gumball machine that is too big to describe properly, you just need to see it!)

2. Hope and Greenwood

Hope and Greenwood describe themselves as an old-fashioned traditional sweet shop and that’s exactly what they are! The shelves are stocked with traditional British sweets that will have your mouth-watering in minutes. But they haven’t stopped there, Hope and Greenwood are always creating new sweets (such as Gingerbread humbugs) which are a hit with their wide range of customers. Children love the store for its colours and exciting ideas (such as a sweet ration book) and the older generation love the sense of nostalgia it holds! You can find Hope and Greenwood’s main stores at 20 North Cross Road (SE22 9EU) and in Covent Garden at 1 Russell Street (WC2B 5JD). If you fancy trying out some of their creations but can’t make it to their stores you can find Hope and Greenwood’s confectionary in Selfridges, John Lewis and Harrods to name a few. Find more of their locations and sweet creations at their website:

3. Mrs Kibbles Olde Sweet Shoppe

Mrs Kibbles’ small Sweet Shoppe  at 57 Brewer Street (W1F 9UL) does not let its size influence the wide range of products they have on offer. Their shelves are stacked high and crammed with jar upon jar of retro English sweets. Step back in time and enter a little grotto of the past – in sweet form! Along with confectionary the shop also sells sweet gifts. If one shop isn’t enough for you they have another retro store at 4 St. Christopher’s Place (w1U 1LZ)

If you find any other sweet stores that you think we need to add to this list then please let us know!


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