Potters Fields open-air art workshops!

6 Aug



LAP Director and tutor Julia, engaging with the public, lots of smiles!

If you follow us on Twitter, Facebook or just here on WordPress then you’ll surely have heard about our workshops in Potters Fields that are taking place over the next two months. If you haven’t now is your chance to catch up on the fun and relaxation that’s been taking place right next to LAP HQ!

The workshops focus on two things – the first is the enjoyable and therapeutic experience of art, whilst celebrating sport!  Line drawings of sportsmen and women are at hande to draw from and inspire!  Giant rolls of drawing paper are laid out across the lawn surrounded by art materials such as oil pastels, highlighters, coloured pencils and permanent markers. Each drawing space is surrounded by rugs, pillows and bean bags and situated on the green green grass of Potters Fields under the shade of a tree. This project is open to all, and aims to include all members of the local community, visitors and business people alike. It is accessible for all to walk up to the space and add a drawing, which in turn leads to the many rolls of layers of thought and design.  The LAP team encourage all ages and levels to particpate, discover and combine drawings. Above all else we hope it will make people smile and have fun together!

LAP tutor John supporting the days event

Taking place during the Olympics and Paralympics (beside a giant screen that shows live events taking place) we also encourage visitors to draw inspiration from the Olympic events and the strength and power of its participants.  Dotted around our space are images of sports men and women which you can use as bases for your drawings, but of course we also encourage you to draw the first thing that comes into your head!

If you’d like to take part in one of our workshops you can see our schedule here at our Facebook event (where you can also RSVP!) All workshops are free and you can drop in any time. Once the rolls of canvas have been completely filled we will display them at LAP HQ and all students (and those who RSVP) will be invited to the private view!

Everyone is welcome to join in at the events! Every workshop will have disabled access.


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