Theme: July 2012 – Bubbles

16 Jul

For the month of July our nonsense theme will be none other than those perfect orbs known commonly as bubbles! Bubbles come in all shapes and sizes and have been an inspirational starting point for a wide range of artists for generations. Magical to children and adults alike, bubbles come in a wide range of forms from the simple soapy suds on the end of a wand to naturally formed bubbles in landscapes; even our planet could be seen as a bubble! Graphic and Comic artists have used the bubble since their creation to portray speech, shock and a variety of emotions. Glass blowers blow bubbles which then are shaped into different objects such as bowls and vases. Thrill seekers roll down hills in giant bubbles. With bubbles, the possibilities are endless!

Our first study in the humble yet awe inspiring bubble involves Central Saint Martins graduate Stephanie Van Zwarm’s jewellery collection ‘Airborne’. Her jewellery, which appears to float around the wearer’s body, is inspired by the natural world and her involvement of spheres and pockets of air gives her work the appearance that it is suspended; the neutral palette also adds a watery feel.  Here are some wonderful examples of how Stephanie utilizes the bubble in her jewellery.


White Feather Orb Necklace: Brass, Plastic Sphere, White Feathers, Silk Thread, & White Finish


Orb Necklace: Clear plastic orb on a simple chin.


Bubble Wand Neckpiece: Carbon Fibre, Brass, White Finish & Bubble Solution

If you visit Stephanie’s website you can watch a behind the scenes video here of the photo shoot where you can also see the jewellery in motion.

Jewellery: Stephanie Van Zwarm
Model: Chloe Mellen
Styling: Adrianna Veal

They’ll be more bubble-inspired artwork to come and we’re happy to hear your suggestions for the theme!


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