Maarten De Ceulaer – Light Molecules

16 Jul


The Nomad Light project by Interior Design graduate Maarten De Ceulaer is said to have been inspired by the act of picking fruit from a tree. “The idea was to create objects, where you can pick off an element of light, and take it with you where ever you want. As soon as the light starts to become faint, it’s time to plug it back onto the mother lamp, where it can recharge”. (From Ceulaer’s website)

The spherical molecules give out light for approximately four hours and when attached to the main electricity source appear almost like bubbles stuck together. The project creates a calm harmony and the soft aura the light forms create bathes the surrounding area in a soothing glow.




If you’re as captivated by this piece as we are you might want to try positioning your own light installation within in your own home. Cable & Cotton are a Brighton based company (with products available to purchase online) that creates affordable light installations that (similar to fairy lights) you can plug in at home! They’re completely customisable, eco-friendly and entirely hand made.



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