Christopher Sacre – Condom Sculptures

16 Jul

Christopher Sacre is an artist and sculptor from Medway, England who caught interest in 2011 when he coaxed the public to his first gallery show via a series of advertising posters. “See what this man created using 2000 condoms in 22 days” was what they said. The show, and his many since, were a great success with many thousands of curious visitors eager to see what it was he had made.

Sacre’s installation was created by filling 2000 condoms with 750kg of plaster and then arranging them in an aesthetically pleasing way. Much like bubbles (our current blog theme), each sculpture is unique due to the method in which it was created. The small sculptures stand in swarms on the gallery floor like an army and really capture the imaginations of the audience who always seem to find faces and poses within the small smooth surfaces.




Photography: Sara Norling
Sacre’s blog


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