Best of British – Gifts from the Olympic Gods

1 May

If you find a giant javelin or a 3m tall shot-put sinking into the pavement outside your closest Tube station, don’t worry, these aren’t Olympic-related hallucinations!

Part of “Gifts of the Olympic Gods”, these 12 sculptures – including javelins, shot-puts, and bows and arrows – have been installed around the city, evoking the Greek gods in whose honour the original Olympic Games were held.  And up-close, the impressive sculptures really do look like they have been dropped from a great height! Unsuspecting pedestrians beware.

You can see the giant sculptures at the following locations:

Archbishop Park, SE1
Sloane Square, SW1
Royal Naval College, Greenwich, SE10
Shell Building Plinth, York Road, SE1
Kennington Park Triangle, SE11

BBC Television Centre, Wood Lane, W12
Lewisham roundabout, SE13
Canada Water Plaza, SE16
Jubilee Park, E14

Bow and Arrows
Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, E1
General Gordon Square, SE18
King’s College, Guy’s Hospital, SE1





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