Transport for London – tfl

9 Mar

So here’s some information about TFL (Transport for London) and Oyster Cards.

It’s a brief breakdown of what websites to use to plan your journeys’ around london, and more information on oyster cards and travel cards which make it easy to travel around london, and to try and save you some money!

Here is the website:

On the right hand side of the website (as you can see in the photo) is where you can plan your journey and above is ‘Maps’ to have a quick look to understand where you are.

Here is the link to order your Oyster Card online:

(on the left hand side of this link there is a link ‘What is an oyster?’ click here for more information on how and what an oyster card is)

If you’re only visiting for a little while then make sure to check out ‘VISITOR OYSTER CARD PACKAGE’.

It’s a basic breakdown of how an oyster card works and how a paper travelcard works.

So it will let you figure out what is the best for your travel and maximising your money.

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